55 minutes | Jan 10, 2018

Beyond Berkeley: Animal Rights Activism for All

Animal liberation activists, Reilly Gardine and Robin Housley, offer perspective on the importance of being vegan in 2018. Living in Berkeley, California, the epicenter of social and political activism, they help us understand the sacred within seemingly dark acts. Why do animal lovers still eat meat, fish, fowl, dairy products, and eggs? A nutrition student at UC Berkeley, Gardine stresses the need to include the animals’ perspective when discussing nutrition. And what forms of activism are effective when trying to influence people to stop eating animals? Housley, a self-proclaimed ecological anarcho-communist who spent 20 hours inside a cage for animals, sheds light on the relationships between eating plants instead of animals and affording the houselessness with food. No matter the reason one chooses to avoid eating animal foods and products, it is the animals' lives that are spared in the end. Not ready to give it all up? Explore what it means to be ImperfectlyVegan.
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