53 minutes | Apr 4, 2018

Becoming a Conscious Vegan Consumer - A Cruelty-Free Lifestyle

Living a compassionate life that honors all sentient beings goes far beyond what we (don't) eat. From our clothing choices to sundries, toiletries, entertainment, and all the details of daily living, Alexa Jesse offers practical tips on how to connect with your instincts and honor a cruelty-free lifestyle! Think DIY toothpaste and salt scrubs! Finding passion for the zero-waste movement through her own personal healing process, Alexa enlightens us with the realities behind our consumer choices. For example, purchasing vegan clothing is not necessarily the most environmentally beneficial decision. Learn how to judge the value of a purchase or activity in a more conscious manner. By owning our individual power, we can practice sustainable habits that not only align with our values, but that create a ripple effect on consumerism as we know it. Learn about resources and support for living a zero-waste lifestyle. Be part of a growing force to change America and the world!
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