31 minutes | Sep 4th 2019

What Your Charcuterie Board Says About You - The Challenge of the Quizmaster

The Challenge of the Quizmaster is back! On this edition, media maven Cris Araujo joins Alex so he can quiz her about one of her favorite subjects, Charcuterie Boards! Through questions about meats and cheeses, Alex not only reveals Cris’s snacking preferences, but also, through BuzzFeed’s powerful harem of quiz-based scientists, what kind of friend Cris is! Grab a snack, preferably Sweet Mini Pickles, and LISTEN NOW!!

Take the quiz for yourself on BuzzFeedhttps://www.buzzfeed.com/latrevin/create-a-charcuterie-board-and-we-will-tell-you-wh-bh8kzvsrb7

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