32 minutes | Jun 13, 2018

Christoph Janz on SaaS fundraising in 2018 and how startups should use data

Christoph Janz (@chrija) is managing partner at Point Nine Capital — a venture capital firm that's highly prevalent in the world of SaaS. After founding several internet businesses in the 90s and early 2000s, Christoph converted to a career in venture capital and made several early investments in companies such as Zendesk, FreeAgent and Geckoboard. Today, Point Nine invests in early stage companies with a focus on SaaS and marketplaces. If you're not a regular reader, make sure you check out the team's excellent thought leadership content! In this episode, the pair covered: What it takes for SaaS startups today to raise venture capital Whether you should aim to create a moat of defensibility How startups should be using data today Whether startups should aim to dominate a niche before expanding to wider market segments How Point Nine Capital is making fundraising suck less for founders Whether it's possible for startups to shift from linear to exponential growth And much more!
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