27 minutes | Nov 16, 2020

Tim Duke on SaaS Experiments

I talked with Tim Duke, Director of Operations at Mobile1st, about the tradeoffs between different calls to action. Transcript and other ways to listen at https://briandavidhall.com/tim-duke-on-saas-experiments/ Find Tim at https://mobile1st.com 0:56 About the company and product 1:53 About Key Performance Indicators 3:02 The chat/form/call saga starts ... CTA test 4:52 It gets a little more complicated after the first win ... "get more chats" 8:16 "We can't just make everybody chat" ➡️ "Three-card Monte style CTAs" 10:17 ... leads went up across the board 11:53 Increased chats ... ignored emails 🤦‍♂️ 13:09 "What are you really good at?" 13:56 "Cater to your strengths, and focus on your time to close" 16:24 It's about how you build out your org, not how big the button is 18:31 Advice to a CRO dealing with competing teams 20:00 How did this series of tests change your approach to UX and CRO? 21:09 "Optimization needs a seat at the biggest table" 23:36 What do you think about automated chat 🤖 ?
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