20 minutes | Jun 25, 2019

How to support young Catholic moms

My name is Ryian Louise Hilpisch, and I am the founder of the group for young Catholic moms who feel alone in their vocation, where we intentionally come together in solidarity to support love, and pray for each other. We were first a Facebook group, and now there is a blog, podcast, and Instagram where I talk about faith, motherhood, and other miscellaneous tips, tricks, and topics that will help us take small simple steps towards being more intentional. Hello friends! If you haven't heard yet, the podcast Ryian’s Coffee Shop has rebranded! To get the gist, listen to the episode right before this one! So last week I published a blog post called “How to support young Catholic moms,” and I would say it has kind of gone viral! A friend of mine who was recently ordained a transitional deacon (that means next year he’ll be ordained a priest) asked me to post in my Facebook group a question. “What can the clergy do to support young Catholic moms?” So I did, and 150 comments later, I realized that this was a very important question that probably hasn’t been asked in the grand scheme of things.  So today I wanted to briefly talk about the different categories that came up, and also the next step we should take!  I am making a blog post of responses from priests so that we can build this conversation. So please share the post with your parish and pastor, and ask them to consider emailing me at ryianlouise@gmail.com to add their feedback to the blog post. You can find the blog post at youngandwildcatholicmamas.com You can find the community on Instagram at @youngandwildcatholicmamas and #ywcm  If you are interested in joining the Facebook group, submit a request, and please answer all of the questions.  If you have been a long time listener, please consider leaving a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts so that more people like you can discover the podcast.  If there is a future topic you would like to hear, let me know on Instagram or Facebook!
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