34 minutes | Nov 28, 2020

Open Innovation in Healthcare from Academia to Corporates to Startups: She Loves Tech Series with Dr. Yongqin Zeng, Senior Director Innovation Lead at Philips Venture

Dr. Yongqin Zeng a Senior Director & Innovation Lead in Philips Venture. Her long and rich career has seen her do over a decade of research in academia before joining the private sector where she has done it all. She led multiple research departments in different industries, drove several venture projects that led to the creation of two new business units, and also facilitated over 10 Open Innovation projects involving universities, hospitals, and of course startups.  Dr. Zeng’s work on Open Innovation is also featured in the book “Innovation in China” published by MIT in 2016.

In this episode, Dr. Zeng helps us dive deeper into innovation and R&D from the perspectives of academia, corporations, and startups. 

Show Notes

2:24 Introduction to Dr. Yongqin Zeng

3:18 Moving from research in academia to research in the corporate world

4:30 Difference between R&D and Innovation.

7:00 Do all inventions drive innovation?

11:27 How monetization shapes the R&D pipeline for corporates.

18:28 Deep dive into healthcare startup ecosystem: The competitive advantage they possess to deliver results

20:51 Synergies between healthcare startups and hospitals: China trend vs Global trend

23:00 Strength of Open Innovation in healthcare ecosystem outside China

24:55 Models that will shape the future of open innovation

28:16 Open innovation models improving UI and UX in the healthcare industry

32:35 Getting in touch with Dr. Yongqin Zeng


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