42 minutes | May 20, 2021

Examining the Fundamentals of the Marketplace Business Model with James Tan, Managing Partner at Quest Ventures

Today, we are going to dig deeper into marketplaces again with James Tan, Managing Partner at Quest Ventures. Prior to this, James was co-founder and COO of 55tuan, a NASDAQ listed e-commerce group that grew to more than 200 cities and 5,000 employees across China.Show notes:2:10 Introduction to James Tan3:48 Transition from startup founder to venture capitalist5:35 Introduction to Quest Ventures6:50 Most rewarding achievements of running a marketplace8:40 What James was excited about marketplace11:50 The advantages that a marketplace has to serve customers15:08 How to manage or control your marketplace17:00 The most innovative marketplace models that James has seen19:22 Is a marketplace in Southeast Asia a regional business?22:48 The timing for marketplaces to internationalise the business25:00 How to localise in Indonesia?30:58 The next market that Indonesian companies expand to33:40 When should companies reconsider expansion34:35 How to innovate the marketplace revenue model?39:38 Does “marketplace” have a higher valuation multiple compared to e-commerce?Many thanks to our guests  James Tan; host Oscar Ramos; producers Eva Shi and  Sagar Chaudhary; editor David; organizer Chinaccelerator; and sponsor People Squared. Be sure to check out our website www.chinaccelerator.comShare, subscribe, review, enjoy!To join our listener group on WeChat, please add SOSV Helper (WeChat ID: sosvhero) and ask for the group  invitation.To subscribe to our newsletter, please visit  www.asiastartuppulse.comFollow us on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/asia-startup-pulseEmail us: team@chinastartuppulse.com
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