41 minutes | Feb 7, 2021

Texas Master Naturalist | 31 Flags Over Texas | Converters

In this episode, we introduce you to our long-time friend, fellow RVer, Texas Master Naturalist, Park Volunteer, Certified Interpretive Guide, and Kayak Trip Leader "Ranger" Tom Shaughnessy! Tom will be joining us on future episodes of the podcast to share his vast knowledge of the great outdoors in a new segment we're calling "Get Outside With Ranger Tom". In our Texas Tidbit this week, Stacie discusses a bit about the 31 Flags Over Texas??? There are actually a lot more than 6 important flags in Texas history! And in The ABCs of RVing: C is for Converter! Tom talks about the role a converter plays in your RV and how it can impact your trip. For links to what we talk about in this episode visit our Episode 4 Show Notes.Subscribe to our weekly Newsletter to get updates on our newest content and other interesting stories: https://rvtexasyall.com/newsletter-sign-up. Check out our videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/RVTexasYall.Support this Podcast via PayPal or as a member of our Posse on Patreon!
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