9 minutes | Apr 17, 2021

RV News Brief | Hands-Free Driving, RV Labor Shortage, The Chinook Summit, New Harbor Freight Generator

A new, truly all-weather Class B+ campervan model, hands-free driving is coming this fall to the most sold vehicle in America, a state parks system raises prices, a new inverter generator from Harbor Freight, and a candidate for the most unusual RV on earth. It's time for the latest in RV and Camping news. Download the Togo RV App and get Togo RV+ for $10 off with code RVMILES10X at https://TogoRV.com?fpr=rvmiles Check out the RV Business article on the Elkhart labor shortage here: https://rvbusiness.com/oems-struggle-to-find-workers-as-demand-for-rvs-rises/ Learn more about the rubber shortage here: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/tire-rubber-shortage-cars-trucks/ Learn more about Escapees campground franchises here: https://franchise.escapeesrvparks.com/ Check out the new Chinook Summit on their website: https://www.chinookrv.com/summit  
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