61 minutes | Sep 24th 2018

Psycho Billy of Psychobilly Radio Podcast

Billy reached out to us with some really inspirational compliments and we came to find out we have very similar stories....so dig this!!!! First segment of In the Corner with Mittman Joe airs on this episode. This will be a monthly segment bringing you up to date info in the world of professional fighting. Support Your Local Everything! Special thanks to "Signalman" and "The Skams" for Music and Lone Star Barbershop for their continued support and dedication. This episode of The Rust Culture Project Podcast is brought to you by Whistlin Wolf Media and Hoofnest Recording, You can find The Rust Culture Project, Whistlin Wolf Media and Hoofnest Recording on Facebook and hear more podcasts at hoofnest.com. Always rad shit, always keep breathing.
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