21 minutes | Jul 22, 2020

Interview with Michael Greiwe, MD

Telehealth visionary Michael Greiwe, M.D. tells us the story of how he conceived of "OrthoLIve," an orthopedic telemedicine platform he developed in 2015.  Dr. Greiwe is CEO and Founder of OrthoLive. Motivated to improve the lives of his patients who sometimes drove hours for an office visit, Greiwe was able to implement a system that not only improved the lives of his patients, but also improved the efficiency of his practice. Fearful that "technology could hurt us," his own data analysis revealed to him, and his colleagues, that telemedicine could actually improve patient satisfaction, save time for physicians and grow the practice. While OrthoLive is designed for orthopedic surgeons, SpringHealthLive is designed to achieve the same goals for other medical specialties. Russ and Randy #healthcarepodcast Thanks for listening. See you next week!  If you have a question or comment, please ask here or on our website. Please download us at iTunes and leave a review. All the best! Russ…and Randy Healthcare and Medical Internet Marketing Healthcare’s Rx for Web and Social
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