74 minutes | Jun 30, 2020

248: Piseth Sam on Leadership, Advocacy, and Trauma Informed Movement

Piseth Sam is an athlete and the co-owner of PowerHouse Fitness. She is a licensed massage therapist and certified personal trainer. At the age of five, Piseth and her family fled Cambodia and came to the US as refugees. Piseth practices trauma informed treatments as part of her philosophy that movement transforms. *Sponsor* Janji (Janji.com/ROO) Janji is a Boston based running apparel company. Their mission is to explore, connect and give back through running, a philosophy that drives every decision. Janji craft globally inspired running apparel, guided by places and people around the world. They create functional and beautifully designed apparel for wherever your running adventures take you. Janji believes in social responsibility, and leads by example. Janji understands water is a human right, and gives 2% of every single purchase, to support clean water projects in the countries that inspire their seasonal lines. Community is a core value of Janji, which is reflected in the Janji Collective. A one-time membership cost of $50 gains you a lifetime 15% discount, exclusive singlet, and access to Janjis community of like-minded people. Your membership fee is then used solely in supporting Janji’s aforementioned clean water projects. Full details about the Janji Collective and how to sign up are on Janji.com/ROO.
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