57 minutes | Jun 23, 2020

247: Jeannie Rice on Setting Age Group World Records in the Marathon at 72 Years Old

Jeannie Rice is a fiercely competitive runner. She holds multiple age group World Records and US National Records, most notably breaking her own World Record in the marathon running a 3:24 at the 2019 Berlin Marathon. At 72 years young, Jeannie is yet to slow down and remains determined to keep challenging herself in the realm of running and life. Jeannie approaches running with a love and simplicity that allows her to keep pushing her limits at an age many would have found reasons to cease competing. *Sponsor* Currex (currex.us) Currex insoles improve any shoe, and they are offering ROO listeners a 15% discount. If you want to ‘Feel the Currex difference’, Please visit currex.us and use the code ROO15 at checkout. Goodr (Goodr.com/ROO) Goodr make performance sunglasses for all your outdoor adventures. They have an incredible range of styles, colours and designs to suit everyone. Goodr creates incredible performance sunglasses that don't slip or bounce, and are polarised. Whether you run, cycle, cross-country ski, or just want a pair of the best looking shades to wear for any occasion, Goodr have you covered. Normally this is the part where you see a ridiculous and unaffordable price tag which scares you away, but never fear. Goodr not only makes the best sunglasses, but also the most affordable. That's right, Goodr sunglasses start at a unbelieveable $25. Skip buying your coffee for a week, and the only problem you will have is choosing which stylish Goodr shades to choose from. The ROO team owns multiple pairs each, because they are THAT GOOD. One pair is never enough.
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