82 minutes | Jun 16, 2020

246: Soul Sister Sessions on Eating Disorder Recovery during COVID-19

This month's Soul Sister Sessions episode returns to the topic of eating disorders and injuries. Abbey and Julia share and answer a variety of listener questions, some of which are slanted towards the COVID-19 period. This is all shared from their own lived experiences, and we encourage anyone that is experiencing an eating disorder/disordered eating or any physical or mental health issue, to consult a qualified professional in any instance you feel you require additional support. *SPONSOR* Currex (https://currex.us) Currex insoles improve any shoe, and they are offering ROO listeners a 15% discount. If you want to ‘Feel the Currex difference’, please visit https://currex.us and use the code ROO15 at checkout. Xendurance (http://shop.teamxnd.com/runningonom) Xendurance is a nutrition company based out of Phoenix Arizona, providing high quality nutrition and recovery products for athletes. ROO listeners can receive 10% off any purchase by using ROO’s link: shop.teamxnd.com/runningonom For more info visit runningonom.com
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