143 minutes | May 19, 2020

240: Soul Sister Sessions with Dr. Madeline Manning Mims

This is a special episode of Soul Sister Sessions. Abbey and Julia are joined by Dr. Madeline Manning Mims. Madeline is in a class of her own. She has a storied career that remains far from over. She is a decorated multi-time Olympian, and held multiple World and American Records. At the 1968 Olympics, she became the first American Woman to win a gold medal in the 800m, which was the at the time, the longest distance women were allowed to race. She held a World Record in High School, and had an impressive career as an athlete, which was unprecedented at that time. Madeline is an equally talented gospel singer, author and speaker, as well as the founder of the United States Centre for Sports Chaplaincy. Madeline has been present at every Olympiad as a chaplain since she stopped attending as a competing athlete, and serves as a mentor for chaplains and athletes alike. Madeline is eloquent, talented, driven and has such wisdom from her diverse experiences breaking through barriers across the board. This conversation is all Madeline, and is one of the most powerful conversations on ROO to date.
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