46 minutes | Oct 13th 2020

Running Industry Podcast #6 - Caffeine Bullet with David Hellard

In Episode 6 of the Running Industry Podcast we talk to owner / founder at nutrition brand Caffeine Bullet, David Hellard.

This podcast is at times highly amusing and underlines David’s great character and knowledge of the industry, especially for those who listen to him on the Bad Boy Running Podcast. But underneath that laidback demeanour is a steely businessman who has cannily built a great brand that is growing by the day.

Caffeine Bullet is a caffeine based chew for athletes and everyday people who want that extra little kick-start, and David talks us through how he has built the brand to the point where it is now one of the most popular nutrition brands on Amazon.

We also cover off David's running exploits, how he managed to beat Mo Farah, twice, and he taught Howard Marks to play poker! Enjoy!

+ PLUS + Head to the Caffeine Bullet website www.caffeinebullet.com and use the code RIP or RIPodcast for your 20% discount off your order of Caffeine Bullet!

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