33 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

Running Industry Podcast #4 - Stefan Van Biljon, Noble Pro treadmills

In Episode 4 of the Running Industry Podcast we talk to owner / founder of Noble Pro treadmills, Stefan Van Biljon.

We open-up still further the wide world of topics that we discuss on the show to treadmills! Seen for many years as the 'dreadmill' - which many a seasoned runner wouldn't dare venture onto - the treadmill experience has changed dramatically over the last few years. With integration to a runner's training programmes, partnering up with the wonderful world of Zwift, and a fully interactive experience whereby runners can train and race with friends from the comfort of their home - the treadmill is now a perfect companion to an overall mix of running outdoors and in.

During an engaging 30 minutes, we explore the history of the Noble Pro brand, how it fits into the world of treadmills and fitness training, how the brand is negotiating the coronavirus epidemic and how Stefan sees the future of treadmill running and how it is becoming part of a runner's 'toolbox'.

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