71 minutes | Mar 24th 2014

RA048 | Jacqueline Hansen: From Curiosity to Champion

From being picked last in High School Physical Education Jacqueline Hansen emerged from humble beginnings in running through a series of forward thinking coaches and her own desire to see what she capable of. Her pursuit of the sport led her to setting the women’s marathon world record twice, winning the Boston marathon, becoming the first women to run under 2:40 in the marathon to perhaps her best legacy of being on the forefront of championing the women’s running movement. She was instrumental in spearheading the effort of bringing the women’s marathon to the Olympic Games through her leadership on the International Runners Committee which set the stage for full inclusion of the 5,000m and 10,000m as well. She’s also been inducted into the National Distance Running Hall of Fame, and was just recently awarded the 2014 Women’s Trailblazer Award by Running USA. Through all of this she has always remained humble in everything preferring to instead think about the wrong she saw in the world and how she could help fix it. In this episode, Jacqueline shares emotion, drama and 5 decades worth of experience, wisdom and accomplishment from training with, under and competing with some of the best in the world including: How she ended up running instead of playing tennis Allowing natural curiosity guide her decisions Training under the great Hungarian coach László Tábori Being among the first to train using intervals and the impact on her running Running her first marathon at a time when women's road running was unheard of An equipment nightmare during her 1973 Boston Marathon win Delivering key performances under intense pressure and attention The irony and personal attacks she experienced during the 1984 Olympic Games Watching her friend Joan Benoit win the first Women's Marathon Olympic Gold Her personal strategies that she shares with athletes she coaches A personal recount of her experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon Jacqueline also gives a dramatic recount of her qualifying run for the 1984 Women's Olympic Marathon trials at the last possible event beforehand, after being one of those behind making it even happen when a perfect storm of lawsuits, weather, media pressure and hospitalization came together in one race. You won't want to miss it. Quick Tip Learn how training for a 5K can make you better at the marathon, or how training for a marathon can make you better at the 5K. Links Mentioned in the Show JacquelineHansen.com -
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