34 minutes | Mar 11th 2019

GUIDED RUNS Become a Runner Run 3

Day 6, run 3!  2 minutes running, 2 minutes walking. (30 minutes total) WHAT!? Terrifying! I KNOW. I'm here to run you through it!

My name is Kelly Roberts and for most of my life, I was the self-proclaimed president of the "I f*cking hate running club". Before I became a runner, I was only motivated to work out to try to lose weight. But I truly was just desperate enough to try running and funny enough, becoming a runner changed my life. If you're looking for a new challenge or for a way to get active that won't make you hate yourself, spend the next 8 weeks with me. Run a 5K! It's not going to be easy and yes, it's going to hurt like hell but want to know what hurts more? Quitting. The only way you fail is if you fail to try! Give me 8 weeks and it just might change your life! Head to my website and download the full, free 8 training plan https://shecanandshedid.com/training-plans/become-a-runner-in-8-weeks You ready for your third run?!