15 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

S3E18: Guide to Basic Wine Knowledge with Jaco Vienings

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Timed notes:

2:00 Who is Jaco? How did he get involved in winemaking and education 4:00 moving to the US, getting involved in industry, meeting his wife 6:00 basics of shopping for wine eat the grocery store 5:30 preservatives, sulfites, and fillers in wine 7:00 how to determine a greta wine by looking at the label 8:30 where is the wine from? 9:30 Vino app to help with shopping 11:00 settling the "aging wine" debate 12:00 storing your wine at home- dos and don'ts 13:00 get a free wine tasting class!

About the guest: 

Jaco Vienings is an oenologist & viticulturist. Making wine across the world, meeting unique wine personalities on the grape escape TV, and starting Hartlam winery, has allowed Jaco the privilege to gain invaluable experience. As the founder of Grape Unknown (virtual wine tastings club & online wine education) his mission is to make wine more accessible and enjoyable to understand.

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