59 minutes | Mar 15, 2020

Episode 3: Running is the Glue During Tough Times

Trail Roots member Kris K shares a recent experience where his wife to be suffers a heart attack and is without oxygen for an extended time. She is put on life-support, and eventually removed from it, as family decides to say their goodbyes. She comes back to life a 2nd time. Because the extended period without oxygen she suffers brain damage and is unable to remember Kris. Over time her parents decide Kris shouldn't be allowed to visit her in the rehab center and he is cut off. Being that they weren't married Kris is basically powerless. He turns to running and his community to help him get through He is still currently working his way through this, and had a really cool outlook, and is still holding hope. Running next to Kris I would have never imagined he had dealt with such a difficult time. I pried a little after asking questions and he opened up to me. This reminded me that we never know what our neighbor's struggles may be. Just lending a hand or an ear can make a difference.
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