62 minutes | Dec 24, 2020

Ruminations Episode XII: Christmas All the Way

Chris and Steve discuss a range of topics relating to Christmas movies with Lou, Ruminations’ second-ever guest host. Questions like: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Is Ron Howard’s Grinch movie worth its two-hour runtime? Why can’t Steve keep the Rankin/Bass movies straight? Will Mel Gibson’s Fatman become a perennial Christmas watch? How many times has Lou seen Jingle All the Way? How does it feel to spit up whiskey and/or to record half of a podcast with the hiccups? All of this and more in the messiest, most laugh-filled episode of Ruminations so far! Give us a listen, and merry Christmas to all of our listeners! https://sflippblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/ruminations-episode-xii-christmas-all-the-way.mp3 Episode XII Show Notes – Listen on iTunes – Listen on Stitcher Credits Intro: “Sanctuary of the Sky Gods” by Nathaniel Wyvern, CC BY 4.0 via freemusicarchive.org Intro quotes: The Big Lebowski (Gramercy Pictures) Inglourious Basterds (The Weinstein Company) Goldfinger (United Artists) Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Buena Vista Pictures) The Shining (Warner Bros) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (New Line Cinema) Game of Thrones (Warner Bros/HBO) Song credit: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100270 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Featured Image credit: Composite image/FLIPP, featuring stills from Jingle All the Way
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