14 minutes | Mar 29th 2020

Our Show Three


This is Our Show number three…made from your recordings during the pandemic.

Keep that tape coming. Let’s keep making damn shows.

  • In this show you hear from:
  • Elliott in Brooklyn and his mother Roberta who’s outside of Chicago
  • Carlos in Bethesda
  • Ryan in West Virginia
  • Katy in New York City
  • Darren in the middle of the south coast of England
  • Silvia in Barcelona
  • Jessica in Minneapolis
  • Alicia and Liv in Los Angeles
  • Scott in Streatham, London
  • Greta in Los Angeles
  • Karen on an island near Stockholm
  • Sarah and Hannah in Essex, Vermont

THANK YOU to Samantha Broun at Transom for all her help on this project.

Picture above from Silvia in Barcelona.


Send me your stories, from wherever you are. Sing a song. It doesn’t have to sound good. Record a phone call, or an argument, or whatever you like. Say the location and the date at the beginning. And tell your friends to send their tape too. Send it to me at rumblestripourshow@gmail.com, and if you cant figure out how to do it, email me at that address and we’ll figure it out.

Jay Allison at Transom has posted ideas about how to record, and why. They are great, and more articulate than what I’ve written. Have a look and send to friends if they’re interested in recording.  And better at communication than me.


Darren, England

Simone, San Francisco

Sarah and Hannah, Vermont