23 minutes | Apr 10th 2020

Our Show Six


This is Our Show, number six. Your recordings about the pandemic.

In this show you heard from:

  • Alicia and Liv in Los Angeles, CA
  • Ada in Marfa, Texas
  • Anna in Bennington, Vermont
  • The sound of rain in a woodstove from Bruce in Montreal
  • Bill in New York City
  • Morten in Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Eli in Philadelphia, PA
  • Katz in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Shana in Auchterarder, Scotland
  • Samantha, somewhere in South Africa
  • Jen in East London
  • Bev and her mother Marj and her father Bill, in Toronto.

Samantha Broun is the associate producer for this series, and she’s producing an amazing series right now about an ER nurse in Queens. You can find the latest episode here.

The picture above is Morten’s beautiful daughter in their garden in Southampton, UK.

Transom is my partner in this series, for which I feel extremely lucky.

Keep sending your stories, from wherever you are. Sing a song. Record a phone call, or an argument, or your thoughts in the middle of the night. Say the location and the date at the beginning. And tell your friends to send their tape too. I’m hoping we make something that sounds like what’s happening. Send me your recordings at rumblestripourshow@gmail.com, and if you cant figure out how to do it, just email and we’ll figure it out together.

Katz in Amsterdam

Jen and kids in East London

Anne Frank’s church bells in the distance, in Amsterdam