16 minutes | Apr 7th 2020

Our Show Five


Here’s Our Show, number five…your recordings about the pandemic.

In this show you hear from:

  • Niels in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Thomas singing in El Cerrito, CA
  • Rachel in Olympia, Washington
  • Rob and his kids from Olympia, Washington
  • Louisa in Brittany, France
  • Another meditation from Cali in Florida
  • Tomas in Berlin, Germany
  • Molly’s bells in Las Cruces, NM
  • Esther in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Ada and Mathew in Marfa, TX
  • Carlos, in Bethesda, MD

The Associate Producer for this series is the excellent, gifted Samantha Broun. The partner for this series is Transom.

Above is a picture of Tomas’ plant.

Keep sending your stories, from wherever you are. I listen to every one of them. And I love them. Sing a song. Record a phone call, or an argument, or your thoughts in the middle of the night. Say the location and the date at the beginning. And tell your friends to send their tape too. I’m hoping we make something that sounds like what’s happening. Send me your recordings at rumblestripourshow@gmail.com, and if you cant figure out how to do it, just email me and we’ll figure it out together.

This pandemic is changing. In a lot of places, it’s becoming more dire. There are more people who are sick. More people have loved ones who are sick. Healthcare workers are overworked and scared and tired. And a lot of us are really worried about paying our bills.  And in order to do as much justice to as many people as possible, we need to hear from these people on the front lines. If you know someone who is struggling, and may find it USEFUL to talk about it in a recording, tell them about the project. We want to hear from them.

We’re making this show together, and it’s for all of us. Thank you for doing this with me.