18 minutes | Apr 16th 2020

Our Last Show. For now…


Here’s our last show, which also happens to be show number seven.

  • In this show you heard
  • Cheering healthcare workers in Barcelona and Toronto
  • Greg’s son practicing trumpet on a rainy night in Plainfield, VT
  • Brooke in Denver Colorado
  • Rob on the accordian in Adamant, VT
  • Bianca in Brooklyn, NY
  • Gideon and his mother Kathryn in High Falls, NY
  • Liv singing in Los Angeles, CA
  • Toria in Boulder, CO
  • Edward and his daughter in Forth Worth, TX
  • Shane singing about dinosaurs in Minnesota
  • The 5pm one song concert in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn
  • Ali cheering the healthcare workers on her porch in Putney, VT
  • And this is Mary and her dad Ted in Lincoln, VT

The incomparable associate producer for this series is Samantha Broun. Thank you to Larry Massett and Scott Carrier and Tobin Anderson. Our Show is made in collaboration with Transom, the birthplace of excellent radio.

I think this is our last show everybody. I’m not getting the same volume of recordings as I was a month ago. I think maybe we’re into a new stage of this pandemic experience, and maybe it’s more internal, where people don’t want to talk as much. If that changes again, and people suddenly have lots they want to say, and the recordings start building up again, then I can always make more. But for now I think we should congratulate ourselves for making an amazing thing together.

Thank you ALL for the remarkable privilege of listening to your recordings from all over the world. It has carried me through this time and I am so grateful.