24 minutes | Feb 19th 2021

Marriage in the Time of Covid


We’re a year into Covid and in Vermont we’re almost into the last stretch of winter and I’ve been thinking a lot about married people, or people partnered with other people living in houses and apartments day after night for days and months and now a year. I wonder what goes on in those houses and what they talk about and how they get on day after day, night after night. I found a young couple willing to talk with me about how they’re doing. They live in an old farmhouse in central Vermont that they’re renovating…


  • Thank you Jesse and Serena for excellent cocktails and your insights about condiments
  • Thank you Brian Clark for your music. And your beautiful woodwork.
  • Thank you Tobin Anderson for your constant help
  • A link to Jesse’s work.

Here are some pictures of Jesse and Serena and their awesome house in Plainfield:

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