24 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Knots and Pandemics

Clare is the curator of the Museum Of Everyday Life, which lives in a barn on Route 16, about eight miles from Glover, Vermont, population 2000. Over the years, the Museum of Everyday Life has given us the toothbrush, the mirror, bells and whistles–celebrations of objects we use everyday in our unglamorous everyday lives. This year’s exhibit features the knot. It’s not quite finished, because as Clare was preparing the exhibit, she was also working her other job as a nurse at a small rural hospital, in the middle of a pandemic.

She showed me the exhibit, which is not quite done but which is already strange and brilliant, and we talked about knots, and  about her work as a nurse, in a pandemic and beyond…

THANK YOU to Bianca Giaever for her insights on this show. She just launched a podcast and it’s really frickin good…


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Images from the new exhibit: