18 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

Chris and Beth Sing

  Chris and Beth sing a lot. You’ve heard them before, if you listened to the show Sing your Job. They were the ones singing Game of Thrones, which I could not stop listening to. When I wrote to Chris to say that I couldn’t stop listening to them sing Game of Thrones, he told me that he and Beth sing a lot. They make up songs about whatever they’re doing at the moment, and lucky for us, they record themselves periodically. Nobody really knows a marriage except for the two people in it. It’s a very private institution. I’ve never been married but I’d like to think that this is what marriage sounds like. Some of the time… Credits: Chris Attaway and Beth Lewis are moving to Birmingham in August and they want to get a dog. Beth is a writer and performer and Chris makes a podcast called Left of the Dial The music video for Squash in My Shop – https://www.instagram.com/p/CMAipXznoCg/ Beth Tapes:  https://anchor.fm/bethlewis Beth’s Tiny Letter – https://tinyletter.com/BethLewis/archive    
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