18 minutes | May 21, 2021

Bird Man

  My friend Bryan Pfeiffer is a writer, educator and field naturalist. He used to be a professional birding guide. He knows all about birds and dragonflies and moths. He knows where they live and what they eat and what it smells like where they live and eat. And even though we’ve been friends for a long time, Bryan has never taken me birding because I’ve never been interested in birds. Then I turned fifty and became interested in birds and I think that my sudden interest has more to do with my growing desire to know these places where birds live–and be absorbed in them. So Bryan took me birding.   Some writing by Bryan: The Extinction of Meaning On Bogs Butterflies and Joy Bryan’s website: where there is much good writing and many amazing pictures of flying things #ftg-1818 .tile .icon { color:#ffffff; }#ftg-1818 .ftg-items .loading-bar i { background:#666; }#ftg-1818 .ftg-items .loading-bar { background:#fff; }#ftg-1818 .tile .icon { font-size:12px; }#ftg-1818 .tile .icon { margin: -6px 0 0 -6px; }#ftg-1818 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.text { font-size:12px; }#ftg-1818 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.title { font-size:14px; }#ftg-1818 .tile { background-color: transparent; }#ftg-1818 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.text { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-1818 .tile .caption-block .text-wrapper span.title { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-1818 .tile .ftg-social a { color: #ffffff; }#ftg-1818 .tile .caption-block { transition-timing-function:linear; }#ftg-1818 .tile .caption-block { transition-duration:0.25s; }#ftg-1818 .tile .tile-inner:before { background-color: #000000; }#ftg-1818 .tile .tile-inner:before { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8); }bryan-guiding-1280x853bryan-shooting-colias-1440Bryan-Pfeiffer-Pelee-1500 x 1000jQuery('#ftg-1818 img.item').removeAttr('src');jQuery(document).ready(function () {setTimeout(function () {jQuery('#ftg-1818').finalTilesGallery({minTileWidth: 250,margin: 10,loadMethod: 'sequential',nonce: '3a7263ace7',galleryId: '18',setupFilters: true,layout: 'final',debug: false,gridSize: 25,disableGridSizeBelow:800,allowEnlargement: true,imageSizeFactor: [ [4000, 0.3],[1024, 0.3],[768, 0.2],[640, 0.3],[320, 0.2]],selectedFilter: 'n-a'});jQuery(function () {(function () {var rel = '';jQuery('#ftg-1818 .ftg-lightbox').click(function (e) {rel = jQuery(this).attr('rel');jQuery('#ftg-1818 .ftg-current').removeClass('ftg-current');jQuery('#ftg-1818 [rel="'+rel+'"]').addClass('ftg-current');});})();});}, 0);});
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