9 minutes | Apr 1, 2020

Victoria Mastrangelo

Victoria Mastrangelo is a wife, mother of three, and high school theology teacher in Houston. She loves to read, research, write, drink coffee, and travel. Her dream job is to be a perpetual student. She is a contributor at FemCatholic and can be found on instagram @vimastrangelo. This episode of Ruah Storytellers Podcast is brought to you by Catholic Family Crate, offering monthly crates, as well as crates for Lent and Advent. Each crate contains fun and beautiful catechetical activities for the whole family. Ruah Listeners can have 10% off at checkout using the Code RUAH, and this offer runs from March 30 to April 11. Featured Music: Ocean Wild Words and music by Nick and Alina De La Torre. © 2019 DLT Productions. As recorded on Only You. Used by permission. https://nickandalina.com
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