12 minutes | Mar 20, 2020

Meg Matenaer

Meg Matenaer is a writer from Madison, Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and six children. Her book, Write in Time, is available on Amazon. You can find her at megmatenaer.com. Today's Featured Sponsor: Today’s episode is sponsored by Sock Religious, offering fun and holy socks for everyday use or special occasions. Popular designs feature various saints, the Divine Mercy, Mary our Mother, to name a few. Visit sockreligious.com or visit the link in the shownotes for 10% off an entire order, one use per customer, using the code RUAH at checkout. Featured Music: Ocean Wild Words and music by Nick and Alina De La Torre. © 2019 DLT Productions. As recorded on Only You. Used by permission. https://nickandalina.com
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