12 minutes | Mar 25, 2020

Liv Harrison

Liv is a professional speaker and emcee with a gift for humor, storytelling and wisdom. She works with youth from junior high to young adult, including work in marriage ministry. Liv has been featured on EWTN, Forte Catholic, Sirius XM, and various other podcast programs, and is currently serving the Junior League of The Woodlands as an active leader who often speaks to the 500 members. In May 2019 she successfully wrote and launched the Genius Catholic Women’s Conference (geniuswomensconference.com) outside of Austin, TX, which will happen again this March in Dallas. Finally, she is married to her high school sweetheart and is a devoted mother of two. This episode of Ruah Storytellers is brought to you by Amy Heyse specializes in beautiful watercolor Catholic art and portraits. Prints and stickers of her artwork are available for sale through her Etsy shop: Amy Heyse Art. (Http://amyheyseart.etsy.com). You can also find her on Instagram @amyheyseart for a behind-the-scenes look at how her paintings are created. Ruah Storytellers podcast listeners can get 10% off of their order with code: RUAH10. This episode is of the Ruah Storytellers Podcast is also brought to you by Catholic body image coach and Ruah co-founder Amanda Martinez Beck. If you've struggled to embrace the body God gave you or if your inner critic can't stop criticizing your body, Amanda can help. Ruah Listeners can get 20% off their first session by using the link in the show notes and on our webpage. (https://goodbodycoach.as.me/ruah). Featured Music: Ocean Wild Words and music by Nick and Alina De La Torre. © 2019 DLT Productions. As recorded on Only You. Used by permission. https://nickandalina.com
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