42 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

Writing About Writing: Steve Krug returns to the Rosenfeld Review Podcast

Steve Krug, author of Don’t Make Me Think, and Rocket Surgery Made Easy, is back for a third appearance on the Rosenfeld Review Podcast! Here, he shares some details with Lou about his book in the works, Writing Made Slightly Easier, and his perspective on the process of writing in general (and why he might advise against it!). Check our Steve’s previous two appearances: How To Get Usability Testing Right: https://soundcloud.com/rosenfeld-media/how-to-get-usability-testing-right-steve-krug Life with the Apple Watch and other wearables: https://soundcloud.com/rosenfeld-media/conversation-with-steve-krug-life-with-the-apple-watch-and-other-wearables Steve’s wise words for writers: Don’t be afraid to always start at the beginning. Always assume that your reader knows less rather than more. Steve recommends: Follow Laura Klein on Twitter https://twitter.com/lauraklein More about Steve Krug: https://sensible.com/
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