29 minutes | Apr 21, 2019

Chef Mary Cleaver on Eating Local in the Urban Jungle (and Happy Earth Day!)

We’re ringing in the 49th anniversary of Earth Day with a special Rootstock Radio conversation with Chef Mary Cleaver, one of the country’s foremost authorities on sustainable food and local sourcing. She's also an alumnus of Earth Dinner, a special themed dinner that brings friends and family together for an intentional, meaningful meal on Earth Day (or really, any day!).  Tune in to hear about: Mary’s ideal Earth Dinner menu (we’re salivating…) How Mary has literally watched the “eat local” movement come into being in NYC, from one market selling local products in 1976 to over 55 today. Helping other NYC chefs to bring local ingredients to restaurants across the city. Why Mary believes there is a big difference between what hits your tongue and the energy that flows through your body as a result. The one thing Mary would encourage everyone to do in celebration of Earth Day, or any day of the year!
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