55 minutes | Aug 9, 2021

078 • Lauren (SmithZoZo)

On this episode, Demian chats with Lauren @SmithZoZo we get into what happened when she tried to find affordable housing while entering grad school, but wanted to travel and find a place for her pet ferret, that's right ... a ferret … but like always before I say too much … let’s get into the episode. For more info about Lauren or to just connect with her you can find them on Instagram @smithzozo. To find Jesse James the Ferret head over to @hikingferret Don't forget to grab your FREE subscription to the Rootless Living magazine at RootlessLiving.com How you can support the podcast! 1) Leave us a review on Apple, Spotify, or wherever it is you listen to podcasts. 2) Tell a friend or family member to tune in! 3) If you like what you hear, consider supporting us with a small monthly contribution. 4) If you think you might make a great podcast guest, send us an email. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rootlessliving/support
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