60 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

074 • Emily (EMSVanlife)

On this episode, Demian chats with Emily of EMSVanlife and we get to find out after 7.5 years of living in Australia and coming back home, how van life helped with that transition … but like always before I say too much … let’s get into the episode.  For more info about Emily or to just connect with her you can find them on Instagram @emsvanlife Don't forget to grab your FREE subscription to the Rootless Living magazine at RootlessLiving.com How you can support the podcast! 1) Leave us a review on Apple, Spotify, or wherever it is you listen to podcasts. 2) Tell a friend or family member to tune in! 3) If you like what you hear, consider supporting us with a small monthly contribution. 4) If you think you might make a great podcast guest, send us an email. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rootlessliving/support
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