20 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

What's Up With RPR? (Bonus)

A short bonus episode in which I talk about where Roleplay Rescue is going plus take some call-ins from Frank T, Jason C, and Safer. To end, I share an ambition to get more voices onto the show, inviting folk to get in touch if they'd like an opportunity to shout about their favourite RPGs from the RPR rooftop. Thanks for listening! Game on! 

Roleplay Rescue Theme and incidental music by TJ Drennon: patreon.com/TJD 

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Voice Message: anchor.fm/rpgrescue/message 

Email: hello@rpgrescue.com 

Patreon: patreon.com/rpgrescue 

Blog: roleplayrescue.com 

MeWe Group: mewe.com/join/roleplayrescue (or search "Roleplay Rescue") 

Facebook Page: facebook.com/roleplayrescue (or search "Roleplay Rescue") 

Twitter: @ubiquitousrat

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