33 minutes | Dec 9th 2020

Dungeon Master's Diary #57: Unclenching (Bonus)

A few people have been asking how I am doing since the close of Season 7 and, coincidentally, I finally got around to listening to this DM Diary episode from last week which answers that question quite well. I think it's a good episode for content too because in this episode you'll hear how my coming to terms with anxiety intersects with me being a GM. 

For newcomers, the Roleplay Rescue Dungeon Master’s Diary features me, a microphone, and whatever gaming-related nonsense flows from my mind. This is recorded in short snippets throughout the week and then roughly edited together to form an audio journal. At present, Patrons get these episodes via Patreon.com/rpgrescue but I have decided to share this one as a bonus for the main RPR podcast. I hope the Patrons won't mind and other listeners might find it interesting.

Game on!

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