25 minutes | Jan 9th 2021

803 Three Useful Motivators

Hot on the heels of talking about my own vision for the kinds of roleplaying games I want to play came a rush of energy and enthusiasm to go out and make that vision become a reality. Of course, being human, with a bold vision comes big doubt. If there is something I can rely on in life it’s that I cannot rely on my level of motivation. That being said, and knowing full well that focus on motivation is not as useful as most people tend to think, I have noticed that three motivators give me a much-welcomed spike of motivation which can - for one night only - give me a boost of creative activity in my hobby. This episode I aim to share those motivators with you and basically ask you to give me a shot in the arm whenever you can remember to do so. Game on!

Thanks to Larry, Jason, and Evil Jeff for the call-ins. 

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