31 minutes | Dec 26th 2020

801 Finding My Own Way

Although I have been gaming for more than 40 years and podcasting for the past 2 years, in recent months I almost lost my hobby. I know that I am not alone in this experience because, in the weeks since I stopped making new episodes, I’ve received many emails and social media messages, not to mention audio call-ins, that bear witness to the fact that many people have lost their hobby to the vagaries of modern life.

As I begin this fresh season, my eyes are set on a single goal: I want to run games that I feel proud of, that I enjoy, and with people whom I care about deeply. To say that I want to rediscover my love for the tabletop roleplaying hobby would not be an overstatement. Today, I want to lay out the beginnings of my way forward and invite you to join me in the quest.

Big thanks to Derek and Jason for the call-ins! Here's to a great 2021 with Roleplay Rescue! 

Game on!

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