35 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

714.9 Dungeon Master's Diary #50 (Part 3): Staggering Onward

The Roleplay Rescue Dungeon Master’s Diary features me, a microphone, and whatever gaming-related nonsense flows from my mind. This is recorded in short snippets throughout the week and then roughly edited together to form a diary of one man’s journey in gaming, shared week-by-week. It’s raw, glaringly personal, and not everyone’s cup of tea. Somehow, we've made it to 50 episodes of this tripe, so that is some kind of an achievement. This week I have split it in to three halves: this is Part 3 which features chatter about manifestos, wanderings about why I can't game in the evenings, and some more ideas about RuneQuest.

Special thanks to Barney D and Jason C for their contributions to this episode. Game on!

Dear Diary Theme Song and incidental music by TJ Drennon: patreon.com/TJD

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