16 minutes | Jan 29th 2019

Raj Panjabi of Last Mile Health on Systemic Change for Healthcare Equity

During West Africa’s devastating Ebola epidemic in 2014, the Liberian Ministry of Health and Last Mile Health—an organization that delivers primary health care to some of the most remote corners of the country – collaborated with other partners to create a unified national policy to extend health services to remote Liberians. Together, they established Liberia’s Community Health Assistant Program, a network of trained community health workers and nurses who provide medical services in rural, remote communities. Now, Last Mile Health is working with the Ministry of Health and a coalition of other NGOs to ensure the national program achieves full coverage of all 1.2 million rural Liberians by recruiting, training, and deploying 5,000 frontline health workers. James Nardella recently sat down with Raj Panjabi, co-founder and CEO of Last Mile Health, to talk about healthcare inequity, lasting systems change, and how he found his way into medicine.
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