101 minutes | Jun 7, 2020

Ep.1: The Minneapolis Uprising

Please excuse the audio quality as we are still working out some mic issues :)Timestamps and topics:4:40 - comments on the protests19:57 - dispelling myths around the "protesting vs looting" argument34:21 - the militarization of police (lots of crazy gadgets)43:22 - the myth of privacy + how the military created Signal and the Dark Web51:18 - comparing Iron Man to cops - the "super hero" myth1:02:56 - countering the conservative argument around curfew1:12:29 - the "outside agitator" rumor1:16:46 - what would a world without police look like?1:32:49 - community orgs you can donate too1:35:31 - ending on good news - positive changes that are happeningPlease throw us a Follow at the Spotify link below to catch our next episode: https://open.spotify.com/show/5YRDIpF9Zv0DWPHCWnRjDjThanks for listening <3
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