139 minutes | Apr 13, 2020

Ep. 6 - Comprehensive Turkey Hunting Q&A with Jay Scott Outdoors_Part One

Jay Scott of the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast had me back on his podcast the other week to help answer a bunch of turkey hunting questions he got from his listeners, as well as from a few of mine, and it turned into another 4-hour marathon of incredible content. In this episode, we cover: - Scouting/Patterning; - Setting up where the birds want to be vs. where we want them to be; - A brief Covid-19 rant; - All things hunting Merriam's turkeys; - Roosting behavior and hunting near roosts; - The meaning of turkey head color (again...); - Hunting in crappy weather; - Locating birds and getting them to shock gobble on the roost; and - An in-depth discussion on decoy set-ups.
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