53 minutes | Jan 29, 2021

RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard The last for January 2021

Join Billy Gerard with Special guests:  Hon Sam Rohrer and his discussion should you take the COVID vaccine?  Maybe, maybe not, an insightful conversation.  Computer wiz kid and coding rockstar advocate for women and girls in the traditionally male dominated tech world.  Entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder of a 503(c) at just 15, Juliette Palacios joins the program.  She and Billy talk about how she is helping women young and old to launch a career in the big tech coding world.  Juliette is a real RockStar!  Get ready to get back to normal sooner than you may know.  Plexus Heath Science CEO Dario Gristina Joins Billy with a new product that very well may destroy the microorganisms that transmit COVID 19.  It's called the UVC-650 and this could be a very real part of the path to us being able to get back together, all together sooner rather than later.  We also have The "OG" Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo and her newly named feature The Break Room - Good New, Great Talk.   Certified Bourbon Steward (I still want this job) Jeff Borker joins some value buys in Bourbon section of the Liquor Store.  Miss Drew (sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself?) has more English stumpers.  Really are some of these words even real English?  See how well you do.  As you might guess it did not go so well for our "RockStar".  Get ready...  The your about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price - and this one is FREE!

Don't miss next weekend's show!  It is the RockStar Valentines Gifts for him, her and your true love the pet special.  Same time same place!

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