53 minutes | Feb 19, 2021

RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard "Oh the Coins!"

Join Billy Gerard on this special show dedicated to America's Anchor Man, Rush LimbaughRush, thank you for all you've done, all you inspired and encouragement for so many you offered.  May you Rest In Peace...  On RockStar with Billy Gerard Special guests:  Juliette Palacios joins the program.  She and Billy talk about how she is helping women young and old to launch a career in the big tech coding world.  Juliette is a real RockStar!  Student skiing sensation Sarah Escobar stops by to talk about her plans to compete in Bulgaria and her Olympic dreams at just 19.   Get ready Sarah is the real deal and what an encouraging story.   The "OG" Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo in the house with her tribute to Rush, Larry King and more.  Certified Bourbon Steward (yes I'm just a bit envious) Jeff Borker joins with Bourbon insights.  And Billy asks where have the quarters gone?  Where oh where can our coins be?  You may be surprised at the answer.  It sure seems Billy was.  Miss Drew with two more words for Billy.  There are those that are becoming more convinced she is making these words up.  See how well you do...  Get ready...  The your about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price - and this one is FREE!

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