53 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard - British Reporter Nuts - WordShine Man - Help for friends and family - Farewell to good friend

Join Billy Gerard on this special show dedicated to an old friend and fine gentleman.  Billy Gerard's Special guests:  The British reporter who loses it on a story about Laura Engalls Wilder.  The "Word Shine man Tom Madden is by with great stories and his new book.  Dr J. Zipper is in with hope for those needing addiction help.  The "OG" Jersey Girl Marie Ruffolo in the house looking forward to spring.  Certified Bourbon Steward Jeff Borker joins with Bourbon insights.  And Billy reads a can of air freshener you just won't believe what he finds.  Miss Drew with two more words for Billy.  Can you guess how "The RockStar" does?  See how well you do...  and finally one of the RockStar families oldest and dearest friends and supporters passed away this.  Listen in final minutes of the show as Billy in a touching moment dedicates the show.   Get ready...  Your about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price - and this one is FREE!

!!! - A Word of Caution - !!!  The clip with the "British Newsman" has the reporter using "Colorful" adult language.   Production has done their best to bleep, and bleep and bleep again but we don't want you to be surprised.  Its a funny bit and we wouldn't put it here if we didn't think it family friendly. 

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