54 minutes | May 20, 2021

Get Naked On the Radio - Or in the Woods of Japan - Was Columbus really Italian? DNA will soon tell - Touching horse story - More flavored booze with Jeff Borker and the Classic Dram - 21 States Choose to opt out of extending Federal Unemployment - All th

Spring is here lets get Naked!  Well on the radio anyway...  Stories of naked bathing in the woods of Japan, true or just a fiction?  Heartwarming horse story brought to us by DoodleDatesbarkery.  Phil Kerpen from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity comes by to talk about the 21 states not taking Federal money to extend Unemployment benefits, and why.  In the News Digest, shipping delays drive up prices, does that mean we'll need another stimulus?  And now we have a 400 Billion dollar transportation bill and that is supposed to be the value bill.   All that plus Miss Drew, with more words that make Billy nuts and Jeff Borker great cocktails that start with flavored whisky.  Get ready...  Your about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price - and this one is FREE!Learn to host your own radio show or podcastFind out more about USA RadioGot an idea?  Want to be a guest on the show, click here and tell us more!Host your own show or podcast email: Bill@rockstar.todayhttps://rockstar.today/
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